TruVerus Authentication and Tracking of Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Distribution

Insight Everywhere

The power to authenticate consumer goods manufacturing and distribution for globally recognized companies and authorized manufacturers.

NFC Chip Technology

Reduce costs by enabling TruVerus™ inventory tracking, tracing and authentication using NFC or RFID technology.

Global counterfeit goods account for almost $500B annually.

Combat brand/reputation dilution and eliminate quality and safety concerns resulting from the counterfeit market.

Mobile Feedback

TruVerus™ provides customer engagement, product authentication, data collection and reporting all in real-time – delivering powerful results.

TruVerus™ Advantage

Manufacturing Advantage

Make TruVerus™ part of your smart  operations. Confirm your supply and fabrication chains with authentication that protects the materials you need and the quality and safety your customers demand. Your reputation depends on it.        CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Retail Advantage

TruVerus™ enables consumers across the world to discover and learn about retail products, authenticate purchases and become members of a brand community. Increase revenue by fostering continual loyalty and trust with engaged customers. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Food Advantage

TruVerus™ uses RFID/NFC chip and cloud-based technologies to provide Food Product stakeholders with an "Origin to Table" tracking solution, delivering digital traceability to enhance customer acquisition, retention, and interaction.
A first of its kind. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

About TruVerus™

TruVerus™ is a secure authentication and mobile feedback platform using NFC Chip Technology to provide large-enterprise with the ability to authenticate products, business transactions and industrial operational activities. Our enterprise platform integrates mobile real-time feedback, interactive push messaging and detailed user-data used to analyze consumer behaviour, trends, audit and ensure industrial compliance.

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